I  push my abilities pretty hard. Try harder, concentrate more, get it done has been what I aspire to. That’s rewarding. Probably everyone says that they aspire to the same thing but this is my story.

I have been fighting pretty hard to continue… there has been a long list of what I have tried pretty hard to continue, but the latest is eating and drinking.

I started having trouble swallowing safely a couple years ago. I had a feeding tube installed last year because they said that it was now or never for the surgery (they were probably correct) but I was intent on continuing to eat. You can get a long way with concentrated effort. Focus more, try harder.

The downside of this strategy, not that I would really call it a downside, is that when you hit the wall, you really hit the wall. There is no more concentration to be had.

Presently, I am not feeling too well and am being treated for aspiration pneumonia.

Often times, what you want and reality are not compatible with each other. Keep moving. Get on with it. However, don’t think that I take this lightly or am inoculated with some special zen-like qualities. With diminished possibilities, meals had become our love language through both cooking and date night excursions. As always, we are now trying to figure out ways to adjust and persist.