One of the questions that I am recently perplexed by is why did the president of the United States recently accuse the preceding president of a felony crime without offering a shred of evidence.

Then it occurred to me, The Cat in the Hat might know about that.

Twas months into his presidency and all through the white house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

For Trump was in Florida, in his ivory tower, but things were getting ugly, hour after hour.

The Russian connection, they started to investigate, this was starting to feel like Watergate.

His presidency was starting to take a hit.  He did not like it, NOT ONE LITTLE BIT..

When Donald is backed against the wall, he is never willing to take the fall.

He must find a way to really fight back, so as he’s done his whole life, he goes on the attack.

He worked his trusty magic the best that he can, but from this one, even Republicans all ran.

The US intelligence agencies have “been doing what the Nazis did in Germany”, and the press is “the enemy of the people”,  this he shouted from every steeple.

But this time, his strategy, he could not peg, his villains were just too vague.

He had to separate a villain from the flock…  hey, how about Barrack?

He could soften the blow just a tad, by pointing out that Barack is just as bad.

Then one morning with his Donald smile, he sat, and pondered for a while.

He scratched his head, not moving a hair, he thought real hard, there must be something there.

And then it came to him, he will not be beat, so there he did sit and tweet, tweet, tweet.


The End