Working at Emil Frei & Associates, being preeminent in the creation of Liturgical arts, brings a certain reverence to the workplace.

Some of the malcontent employees (myself not incl…..OK, myself included) would pitch in and do our parts in celebrating working in such highly respectful locations.

When a gorgeous women would walk by and we wanted our coworkers to be able to partake in the witnessing of the beauty of all god’s creatures, we would use a code word.  This way, said beautiful creature would not be disturbed in her natural habitat and would not be made to feel uncomfortable.  Hey, that’s just the wonderful guys that we are.  We can’t help it.

The code word that we chose was “weather”.  One could use this easily and quickly in any situation.  “Do you think that the weather will be good tomorrow.”

One summer, we hired a high school kid to help out.  He was a stereotypical teenage boy.  You were never sure if he was highly intelligent but just not trying, or what.  Part of his training consisted of proper use of the Weather Alert System.

Second day on the job, and we hear him yell at the top of his lungs, “hey guys, there’s a nice piece of weather walking by!”

Perhaps a little more training was needed.