The philosophical writing that I have been doing so far has been helpful to me and enjoyable.  It has felt honest and from the heart.  Some Days, however, it all goes out the window.

It happens at a time when a new decline becomes apparent, one I have no solution to, one that will eventually put an end to what I am doing, one that tells me that the woods I am riding in are soon going to be inaccessible to me.

I feel so silly!     All this philosophical bullshit and the E bike aren’t going to save me.  Nothing seems important.  (I suppose that this is what depression feels like;  nothing seems important)    The thin curtains I hang over the problem are not going to stop the charging bull that is coming.  

At the time, it seems like these feelings will never go away.  In reality though, you readjust, get back into the midst of the ones you love and into some challenge, and then life does become good again.         More philosophical bullshit to come!