At a very young age I somehow new the basic anatomical difference between boys and girls but did not give it much concern.   One day, an older boy asked me “you know where babies come from don’t you?”  He explained that my dad took what he had and did such and such with what my mom had.  “Uwe, Ick!  They couldn’t!  They wouldn’t!”  

After brushing off the disgusting thing he had said, I then went into pondering the question of “OK, where do babies come from?”  This is something that really should be figured out.  I knew that we were a combined product of our parents.  So how did mom get pregnant with a baby having similarities of my father?  Hmmmm.  A desperate search to come up with a more palatable explanation seemed to be going nowhere.  I was exhausting all known mathematical theorems and hypotheses.  Perhaps the original explanation needs to be revisited.

I finally settled on the theory that when my mom and dad got married, the were required to perform said disgusting act one time,  then after that, the babies would just pop out from time to time.  I have solved it!  I could live with the idea that my parents were selfless enough to manage to go through that one time for our sake.   Now I know how the world works.