It’s amazing how wonderful of a day you can have even when you’re in a pickle.  People get into all sorts of pickles throughout their lives.  I think that the key is to be flexible.  Do not underestimating the joy of new habits and routines.  

I found that my life was centered around certain things that I worked very hard on.  It was sometimes work, but I enjoyed it.  My projects were both consuming and fulfilling.  The problem that this can create is that you can get into a sense that life would not be good any other way.  Your projects were what daily life was built around.

When one is faced with a loss and forced change, it can be easy to feel like life as we know it is ruined.  There is nothing to do and no way forward.  Even though we know we will get through it, it can feel like a major part of us has died.

Sometimes, not very often anymore, it filters in.  On occasion, I have a real dread about my prospects and what I am losing out on.  Sometimes I fear that I won’t be able to bear it.  But then I have another good day doing many interesting things with good, loving people.

Circling back to the beginning, when each day is measured by itself, most of them are quite wonderful.