The day didn’t start out well.  Putting the bike on the back of the car is getting scary.  My legs buckled while trying to position the bike.  We both went down in a heap and I bloodied a knee, again.

I met Jeff Sona at Creve Coeur park on a beautiful morning.  We rode the hillside trails under the giant trees,  sometimes moving fast, sometimes just rolling while looking at nature and gabbing like we always do.  One might think that we would run out of things to say.  One poor lady on a 52 kilometer running race wished we had.  Somewhere around mile 20, she finally turned around and proclaimed “will you two ever shut up?”  The answer was no.  Now back to my original story.  We had a pleasant time.  Jeff left me with a gift from Carrie and himself to Mary and I.  It turned out to be a beautiful black and white photo of Mary and I doing our wedding embrace.

IMG_0126Then on to lunch at work.  I have stopped turning in my time.  Now I try to get just enough useful work done to offset the time I might waist of the other elves.  Not really a bad position to be in.

The next part of the day was taken up by looking into an exciting house that Mary had found.  I love our present home but it is far from help and the steps are turning into an adventure.

The evening was occupied by a randevu at Broomlesiek park with my new wife.  That little event is summed up in my blog story “Spiritual Nature”.

I write this while on a plane to west Texas to visit my brother Chris.

I would not say things are the way that I want them to be, but the best thing to do, no matter who you are, or what your situation, is to just to keep getting on.