With the never ending addition of electronic items and cheaper, brighter LED lights, everything in the house now seems to glow, blink and flash in advertisement of how wise my purchase was and how ready it is to make my life easier.  The last straw is our new electric toothbrush.  It sits in the master bath, flashing green and rather brightly all night, reminding me that if I just happened to need to jump out of bed in the middle of the night to get cleaner teeth, it is there and ready to do my bidding.

For a while, I started to think that I was being too picky and sensitive about liking a quiet, dark house at night.  I was trying to tell myself to just get over it when I snapped and said “it’s just an F’n toothbrush man!”   What’s next, my underwear?  They already annoy a different faculty of mine.