The decisions on this treatment are appearing to be largely philosophical . That seems to be the case whenever there is a lack of knowledge and clear cut answers.  Sometimes my philosophy is at odds with social norms.  Hell, a whole lot of the time my philosophy is at odds with social norms.  Anyway, The difference in attitudes became apparent this first weekend of infusions.

Mary and I went to Notre Dame for our yearly visit to her youngest daughter, now a senior, and see a football game.  The infusion people were a little nervous about me going out of town. IV’s are very temperamental it appears.  Sure enough, the morning of the game, things weren’t going so well and it was looking like I might not get my doses of medicine.  I called the center.  They started looking for local options near me, to no success.  They suggested that I find a hospital.  Mary, her sister Paula and I were already late for the game day festivities.  When I said “thanks but don’t bother looking, I’m going to the game and not spending the day in some hospital”, the initial response was “oh, don’t do that”.  Now there is no side effects to missing doses with this drug, just the prospect of decrease in effectiveness.  Barely three days in and the philosophical question has already come to a head.  

People in medicine have a job to do and they do it well.  Some of these decisions one must make on their own.

In the end, with a lot of finagling, I was able to make it work and get my doses.  On track so far.

I hope that I don’t come across as unappreciative of the medical community.  Now that the treatments have started, I am impressed with the efforts and support provided by the home infusion company.        PS,  We Won!   41 deg, rain the whole game and very windy.  We all managed to stick it out.