Each time Mary and I have gone to visit her mom in West Virginia, we have run the trails around a lake in a park behind her house.  The park has beautiful woods and tall, steep hills full of dark ravines lined with moss covered boulders.  This is one of the things that I look forward to when we visit.  It is how I know the place.  

This Thanksgiving was very enjoyable as all of the kids and sisters were there to celebrate.  It was very nice.  At the end, though, was a tough trigger to feeling sorry for myself.  Mary and Abby went on their runs, as they should.  Life goes on.  As I looked out at the steep hillside across the lake, I thought to myself, “There is nobody within a thousand miles of here that wants to run in those woods as badly as I do”.   At rare moments, I don’t feel like I can stand it.  At those times, it seems like those feelings will never go away.

While you don’t want to beat yourself over the head with heartache more than is necessary, I don’t think that triggers should be avoided.  One has to deal with whatever reality is facing you.  You might as well get it done.