As I’ve found throughout life, when I make the effort to get out and do something, I rarely regret it.  It still amazes me how quickly bad feelings, ones that feel like they are determined to stick around for good, can be turned around by engagement in things that challenge you, done with people you enjoy.  This turn to good might only be temporary, but so is the turn to the bad only temporary.  Something to always keep in mind, wherever you are.

I am walking the fine line.  I find ordinary things to be hard now.  When making the decision whether to go out and do something, it is getting so easy to tell myself “it’s not that fun, it’s not worth it”.  I was in one of those funks today.  My increasing weakness, either totally do to the disease, or hopefully, somewhat temporarily exacerbated by the medication, was starting to make me dispare with the feelings of ‘it’s too hard, all is over now’.  This was turned around by a difficult but successful evening of go kart racing.  But there is a tipping point.  I worry my doctors mightily.