Every morning, before dawn, some unseen person throws a new copy of the New York Times in our front yard.  Mary and Abby then get to work on the crossword puzzle, completing it most of the time.  It all seems like a lot of work to me.  It has occured to me that if you just waited one day for the next issue, one could save a whole lot of effort.  Isn’t efficiency next to godliness?  I, of course provide much needed help by blurting out “I knew that!” every time one of them fills in an answer.  My trouble is, in order for the answers to pop into my mind, Mary or Abby must first prime my brain by coming up with the answer themselves.  I am, of course, willing to whole heartedly confirm it for them.  I can feel the appreciation with their eye rolls.  Every now and then, I get to it first, only if the answer is particularly nerdy.

Apparently, there is a New York Times crossword puzzle guru that has a very famous blog called “Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle”.    He does the puzzle when it first comes out in some ridiculously short amount of time and then spends the rest of the day critiquing and tearing it apart.  “Of course every third grader knows that the outer shell of a spacecraft designed to atomize fast moving objects before they puncture the pressure bladder is called a ‘whipple bumper’ “ he would write, complaining that they made it entirely too easy.

I have recently discovered that they print a “Mini Puzzle” on page A3.  I’m stoked!  This one is for people like me!  I think I should start a new blog called “David Frei Does the NYT Mini”.  I was able to finish the last one after recovering from a curve that they threw me.  Seriously, how was I supposed to know that “ARROW” has two R’s in it?  And also, what the heck is “BAPS”?     ; )

Mini Puzzle************************************


mini crossword 2
I was thinking about getting my “Proficiency in Fine Arts”
Mini crossword 5-15-18
This one truly was child’s play, other than, not everyone gets “Fired up” when they are being TAPED, and, how are we supposed to know Italian and French cities   ; )