There might be a little bit of a hiatus.  Mary and I are heading to Hawaii!  North shore, Turtle Bay.  I will be relying on Mary, a lot.  I hope to be able to go snorkeling, a lot.  When we were in the Caribbean, almost exactly a year ago, I was golden when in the water.  Hiking is out of the question, so I’m looking forward to the water.  I’m not quite sure how I’m going to get across the beach to get into the water though.  Perhaps Mary can roll me along and release me like a fish.

There are so many things I want to write, but the thoughts come and go before I take the time to flesh them out.  The main thing, lately, has been dealing with the challenge of crossing over from what I could get accomplished, in any fashion, to what I can not.  I don’t think much about things that are completely gone.   They are just off my radar.

Things that are on the cusp of slipping away, and the worry of how to keep them going, these are the problems that upset you.  The struggle to keep it going is a very interesting and rewarding endeavor.  The acceptance that you just lost the game at something is the difficult ongoing transition..