Most of the important parts in life are centered around the project of reaching for a goal.  Goals come in many forms. Getting a project at work done, making and saving money, getting a pilot’s license, fixing a fawcette, climbing a mountain, getting better at races, most anything that is future thinking.  Perhaps depression sucks so bad because one can lose all interest and care in the future. It’s not important for the goal to be great. The important thing is for it to give us a mission to work towards, and hopefully, a mission that leaves us in a better place if we attain it.  In rare cases, missions can be destructive, but usually, healthy people know the difference.

This is proving to be tough transition for me to make.  Most goals and positive outcomes I have attained in my life have required the use of muscles.  It’s rather uncanny how useful they can be, who’d of thought. I have been good at figuring out how to get things done with weak ones, but dealing with none at all will be a bit of a trick.  Working on that one.

Actually though, when things are constantly going backwards, I am finding that perhaps my biggest challenge of all is coming up with engaging and meaningful goals.