Early on, a year and a few months ago, I had just a slight hesitancy as to whether to purchase an expensive electric assist bicycle.  I was wondering, ‘would I get enough use out of it?’  ‘It’s only temporary, is it worth it?’ As it turned out, I used the holy heck out of it.  It reopened a major part of my life.  I wore out many parts. Yes, it was worth it!

A year later, as that ability was unfortunately closing off, My wife, Mary suggested a three wheeled electric trike with a throttle that I can sit back in.  Again, this is pretty expensive and one wonders if the fix is just too temporary.  Am I just wasting my effort chasing something that I should just let go? The three wheeled bike is not the joy of the two wheeled mountain bike that let me continue using the skills I had practiced for so many decades, but considering the alternative, I am careening through beautiful woods and countryside with the ones I love.  I doubt that I will get quite as much use out of it as the last adaptation, but it is definitely worth it!

Another area where I sometimes wonder if the effort is worth it is our go kart racing.   Lately, as the day approaches each week, I am a bit scared that my evolving driving aids won’t work, or worse yet, won’t work well enough to beat my friends.  The horror! (just kidding, the winner has been a toss up) I fear that the track owners are going to finally kick me out as they watch my buddies pick me up out of my wheelchair and insert me into the car and start to strap and bolt on the control aids that I am inventing.   Luckily, the track owners have watched the progression and seem to be OK as long as I can perform. (pressure!)

I normally like to write things that might resonate with people in general but I’m not too sure how this idea would.  I suppose that my intended audience this time might be other people with ALS that happen to read my blog.

Trike after bridge