The timing could not have been better!  I had gotten a bit depressed lately as my world was starting to get rather small.  Mary suggested that we go for a mountain bike ride around the Bangert Island area.  She even got extremely confident that she could tip me and my trike up on two wheels and balance me across the narrow bridge (the bridge is too narrow for my electric trike).  Wow, she’s braver than I am, but OK.  I thought that it might just possibly be a good idea to practice this first, but no, she says she’s got this!

It looks as if there are some really good people in this world, and you know who you are. The bridge to these rugged dirt trails has recently been replaced with a new, wider version, specifically sized for my rig.  Now I understand the odd questions about the width of my bike.  I feel very loved in this world.  What a beautiful ride and what a difference it makes to have a part of the world opened back up to you.

new bridge installationFriday night ride and free beer for all!!!  It’s a party!