After selling the “event” with FREE BEER, my bar tab ended up being just $21 for both Mary and I, instead of the hundreds that I was expecting.  Wow, with such a good deal, perhaps we should have it more often ; )  It was funny how many people even thanked me for the free beer as they were leaving.  I’m gullible enough not to realize that they were pulling my leg.

Thank you all so much for the very warm Bridge Over Bangert opening ride and party.   It felt so much like family.  Many brought their families.

It is always good to think about what you can and will do, while letting what you can’t or wished you could do, grow faint and disappear from your mind.

I especially like the mountain bike line chosen by little Sam Ryan, near the end of the video.

Bridge ride BridgeBridge ride parking lot

Bridge ride Briana
Go Bri!
Bridge ride little kid on front of bike

Bridge ride trail stop

Bridge ride girls
Somehow, I seem to end up with the women  ?
Bridge ride Sona
Sometimes we get a little animated