I write so many things from my point of view, but sometimes it is necessary, even cathartic to consider what the view looks like from someone else’s predicament.  My wife has been so good and understanding that I can sometimes forget the challenges that she faces. Mary and I decided some time ago that she would leave her job, as the ability to remain independent is slipping away from me.  It seemed like such a good idea to both of us, but as her last days draw near and she sees the new person brought in to take over her project and responsibilities, ones that she had mental ownership of, I recognize the loss and turmoil suddenly smacking her in the face.  

I have written things about how working towards the future is the most important part of a happy, fulfilling life.  One of the possible advantages to falling in love later in life, an advantage if you let it be, is that you might not take what you have for granted, it’s not just an old shoe.  One of the most exciting things is thinking about and developing a good future together. Perhaps reread the last line as I think that this is something important for all couples.  In this, I must recognize that my troubles are also Mary’s troubles.