I feel like Iife is like walking across a shallow river on stepping stones.  The open water are the disappointments, the takeaways, the parts of life that you feel you could simply do without.  When you are healthy and ‘life is good’, the stepping stones more resemble a concrete walkway, although, I’ve found that there must be at least some gaps, just to let the water through.  They always creep in, no matter how easy the walkway is supposed to be.  As problems, limitations and takeaways increase in your life, the distance between the stones increase.   It’s worrisome and hard to jump or wade to the next, but when you are standing on that next rock, you are just as dry as you are when you are on the sidewalk.   The open water is increasing.  It is so easy to look at the widening voids and worry and think about little else.  No matter how tiny the rock you are standing on is, It’s helpful to notice how warm and dry it is, standing on that rock.  Try to get to the next one and then, once again, notice and enjoy the warm, sunny day.   I’m now to the point where I need help getting to the next rock.  I used to have much pride in being an excellent rock hopper.  Luckily, pride eventually leaves.  I feel bad about my need because everyone else has just as much trouble getting across this river as I do.  No matter what anyone says, I feel bad watching others getting wet while trying to get me to the next, yet skinnier rock.  It’s still just as dry and warm as the last one, though, and that’s nice.