Without anything in the future to train for, work towards, I have been battling the feeling of being lost for some time now.  I don’t see things in myself very well. I don’t think much of anyone sees things in themselves very well. No matter what it is, we cover, we compensate, we tend not to notice.

It’s often more clear when it is another.  

I have a disease, Mary does not.  But yet she does, in a major way. As long as she commits herself to this, she lives it too.  She gave up her job. Lately, she lives a similar life to mine. Very recently, she was melancholy and acting pretty sad.  She confided in me that she felt a little lost. As I started this one thought, it is so much clearer and more poignant when you see it it your partner.  It wipes away the pointless act of feeling sorry for yourself. You have somebody that needs you!