For me, it’s a bit sad to to think that I might be remembered most for the life that has become mine now.  This has been a couple of years in the making.  Most of my sports career was as a positive and good team member.  A few years ago, a little frustration set in as I started to struggle with something that was not yet diagnosed. I tried to remain a positive and enjoyable team member, but that was challenging.  The end was not my best. My work-life was well respected for the things that I could be counted on to accomplish and the problems that I solved.

I feel that our work and social lives are a combination of positive interactions, where we provide value to the people around us, that occasionally get offset by the annoyances that we cause.  People are more willing to accept the troubles, because of the good that you do and the benefits that you bring. When one ceases to bring benefit, one can sense the slow receding of the flag on the middle of the tug of war rope.  Any respect is now in more of a historical sense. People’s interactions with you become based more on their desire to help others than a collaboration of equal professionals.  I’m still giving life my best effort, but one finds themselves slowly falling outside of the spheres of relevance.   I hope that people’s memories jump backwards a few years.