Sad songs and sad stories have a pull, at least for me.  I don’t know why. It’s not that I like to be sad. I just find them powerful, insightful.  I have always found that happiness, and to a lesser extent, sadness, is something that gets used up, like spending an allowance. It seems impossible to be overly happy for more than a day or so. Others look at me funny when I say this. That’s okay, average happy is not a bad thing.  Luckily, sadness tends to have the same limits, but much less reliably so.  Perhaps I like to use up the sad with songs and stories of others situations, sopping it up like gravy with bread rolls, lest it drip all over myself.

People endeavor so hard to attain something, thinking that if they reach that goal, they will now reach that happiness they are looking for.  It will be great, for a day, because you also can’t save very much of that allowance, like a day’s worth. Make the actual striving for that goal a healthy endeavor for you and your family.  No argument with that.