My wife and mate of soon to be six years is a wonderful cook, and when I say wonderful, I’m not just referring to taste, I mean skill of the craft, which includes speed, taking stock of, and making use of, what is in the pantry and improvising.

Her creations involve a lot of pots, pans, spatulas, whisks, skillets and bowls. They go by in an awful hurry. I decided to earn my keep by washing as she went, along with the occasional chopping duty. Though this is such an ordinary task, I felt the joy of participation and worth. 

As I watch my wife clean up the kitchen after cooking a meal, it occurs to me that if there is any wisdom that my situation can bestow to others is;  appreciate the little things of participation. 

Now my job is to sit in the kitchen and read the recipes to her. If she tries to peak, I cover the page and tell her to “hey, stay in your lane”.  It’s surprisingly enjoyable to have this job, small as it might seem.