What If?

Considering how far things got on Wednesday, perhaps we should consider how extremely fortunately it turned out.  Access to our leaders proved to be a very soft target that day.

What if  adversaries of this country, internal or external, had realized how far the mob would get and piggybacked some people with Serious weapons to take it a little further down the hall?  What if our Vice president and much of our legislative branch would now be gone?

What If Republicans controlled both houses of Congress at this time and had then voted to only accept the votes from the states that met their needs?

What If Democrats happen to control both houses of Congress four years from now and the President and Congress made it clear that the coming presidential election was a waste of effort because that Congress would vote to only accept votes from the states that met their needs?

Over the years, many countries have transitioned from something that resembles a democracy to something that very much is not.  Politics is the method for people to battle for what they want in a peaceful and organized way.  We, I, have spent my entire life feeling proud that we are better than those failed democracies.

What If… we’re not?