To think that one would likely not care about the world beyond their lifespan would be to have an unflattering view of humans. It would be denying an appreciation for complexity, for systems worthy of study, systems that are forever changing, guided by discernable underlying rules and forces. These systems, the largest being the universe, the neatest being a sentient being, taunt that sentient being with ‘look, I have a history, come find it; look I have a future, try to predict it’. Understanding often brings care. Perhaps this is just a fancy way of trying to define beauty and awe. I am then adding my notion that beauty and awe doesn’t need to be confined to the present. Contemplating the long, wide angle view of the things that are beautiful, and how they will continue into the future, can be a happy thought, even when thinking about time periods well beyond ones existence.

It often perplexes me as to how often movies and books about the distant future are apocalyptic. Perhaps the universe of the future will be less awe inspiring, but I doubt it. Maybe the troubles of today are more in our faces, more noticeable, than the memories of troubles of our past and thus give us a feeling of direction towards more trouble. I think that it may just be a simpler story to write. It certainly gets way better sales.