The world is forever changing, and one can never quite go back

The tender memories of youth, our minds grasp for the ones we long

But as we choose what’s good and great, remember to give what’s now, it’s due, and perhaps even some slack

For in our Christmas future, we’ll likely see, not so much, was actually wrong

We wish, we hope, we dream, and life always adds, its own share of regrets

Our efforts, our struggles, are important, and fill so much of our day

As we work and strive for goals, we make the world a bit richer, in a small, yet significant way

While we work and collect, and hope it has much meaning, take a step back, every now and then to ask, ‘what are we really counting?’ anyway

Going back to the tender times of our childhood, and the memories in which we long, the most important memory to know, is that we truly do belong.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Frei Christmas Traditions