My outward connection with the world is getting quite slight, of late. A well trod subject of mine. My body can’t communicate, or project any of my will onto the world around me, except for quiet grunts to possibly get someone’s attention, and answering yes or no questions, posed by others, with my eyes. Oh yeah, I can wiggle both pinky fingers, I forgot. Now this might sound rather depressing, except… 

With my eye gaze computer:  I am a sorcerer!  My little loyal subject tells people the stories I want to tell. It brings me songs, played and sung by interesting people from around the world, often causing those within earshot of me to jubilantly proclaim, “what in the hell is he listening to?” It is a magic carpet that I can command to fly me places far and wide. It can reach out to the world, be my art gallery, showcase the items I might hope to contribute to the world, be the booth at a craft fair, giving me more reason to be creative and work at things. It audibly allows me to communicate with those close Proximity. It sometimes can have a little attitude, on my behalf. The first time my loyal little subject came with me to a party populated with loud, opinionated women, it cranked the volume on its mighty little speakers and said, “talk over me now, b…!” It didn’t actually do such a good job at mopping up that hot mess, but I was rooting for the little feller.  (this was all in jest, we all laughed (they are loud and opinionated, though))

It surprises me how well humans are equipped to deal with where we are stuck. Think of all the people stuck in brutal wars.

I do feel like I need to add disclaimers, however. I do most of my writing when I don’t feel down and depressed. I never want to cause the ‘Facebook problem’, which is: “Why are all my friends so happy and doing so well and I’m not?” We all have our troubles. 

Keep swimming, keep swimming.


Though I also like ‘normal music’, here is some of the oddball music that intrigues me:


Though beautiful, This one is powerfully sad… Just so you’re warned:

And an easy one:

Some are a little more off-the-beaten-path than these, but this is a start.