When I first realized that my time was very limited, I was impatiently wanting to do something bigger than before, something great.  I couldn’t figure out exactly what, and I couldn’t figure out exactly why.  I heard someone famous with the same disease explain that the main thing for them is that they wanted to have an impact.  That was it!  He hit the nail squarely on the head.  He then went on in his motivational book to explain ways in which we can have an impact.  

I did not want to get too much into how to make an impact for a few reasons.  I did not want to simply repeat his work, and more importantly, I would be the crappiest motivational speaker in the history of motivational speakers.  I chuckle at the idea.  Perhaps even more importantly than that, by exploring this avenue, I can sit here and contemplate such weighty issues and not have to motivate to get off my ass and actually do anything.

But seriously, why do we want to make an impact?  Is it altruistic?  Yes, but I also think that a major reason for the desire to make an impact is because it is the only whay that we can reach into the future.  It is an attempt at immortality.