Mary and I recently got back from a caribbean cruise.  First I found that, not to my surprize, a pink colored party ship with casinos is not my style.  The time with Mary, family and the excursions definitely was very nice.

Mary’s eldest son had dropped us off at the airport and the plan was for him to pick up on Sunday night.  On our return layover, the plane broke down, which then turned into a three hour delay.   Luckily, the airport had a bar, Mary, my oldest nephew, and myself had each other, each of us had good conversation that just kept getting better,  and we had a good time.  Realizing that we were going to get in way past midnight, Mary texted her son to go ahead and go to bed as he had an early work day tomorrow.

The cab driver that picked us up was an odd looking older fellow with a thick accent of unknown origin (imagine that).  He looked odd but he seemed quiet and nice.  I did notice a lot of movement and twitching as he drove but I didn’t think too much of it as we stayed in our lane a good bit of the time.

On our quiet ride back, Mary asked me if we had any keys to the house (Keiran was to have picked us up).  I said no but we have the one I hid in the ???.   I thought, how clever of me but Mary’s face was displeased.  She mentioned it wouldn’t be there because one of her daughters came by to borrow the griddle.  One of my pet peeves is the kids taking the key to get in and not putting it back.  I go on a rant that I am going to make 40 keys and hide one under the ??? and another under the??? And so on.  I then start to feel that I am being rather humorous with my rant as I can see that I am getting a reaction of some sort from Mary, so I continue by saying “and I am going to squirrel them away in little hiding places just like I do with my cash, in fact, I think I will just wrap the keys in the wads of cash”.   I am laughing now and somewhat proud of my little rant, perhaps having to do with our 3 hour layover.  I think it is funny but Mary’s face seemed odd and perplexed.  As I was ready to continue on, I was interrupted by a text.   Who could be texting me so late in the morning?  The text read “I can’t believe you told the CREEPY cab driver where you hide our HOME key.  Might as well leave it open now I guess”.

Just as things got silent for a bit, the cab driver turns on Christian Rock Radio, and really loudly too.  I am rather annoyed but Mary seems oddly pleased by this.  I have never noticed her to be a fan of christian rock before.  Apparently, what she was thinking was “let this be this man’s penance, there is a god”


While on the ship, we came across a couple just a little older than us that let us in on their just hatched retirement plan.  They had calculated that cruise ships are cheaper than nursing homes.  They also found that ships keep a doctor on board.  Therefore, their plan was to simply get off one ship and step onto the next.  When they get too old and frail for cruise lines to want to deal with them, they were then planning to commit a crime and let the prison system take over.  Mary and I then dutifully helped them plan what crimes to commit.  We couldn’t decide whether to commit one big one so that you didn’t have to keep repeating your work, or a string of small ones so that you get a change of scenery.  I hope they send us post card letting us know which route they chose.   Perhaps their one phone call.