The large Catholic Church that Mary, and me by extension, belong to has stained glass windows that I happen to have made in 2001.  In fact, Mary tells me that just as we were noticing each other, she would look at them while sitting in church and think of me.  About a year ago, one of the committee members of the church told me that they might possibly be interested in adding more windows.    Now my brother is a very good networker and salesperson.  He encourages me to do what he is always very successful at doing, which is to introduce myself at the end of Sunday mass and network.  That is key to being a good salesman.  I commit to giving it a try.

At the end of Sunday Mass, the pastor did line up at the back of church to say hello to people.

I shook Monsignor Ted’s hand and introduced myself.  He smiled and immediately said “You went to Kennedy High School, Class of 83, didn’t you?”  I stuttered and said “Why yes, h-how d-did you know?”  Msgr. Ted said “I taught you.”   OK, now,  I’m thinking that we were a class of 200 plus kids 34 years ago.  I, in astonishment ask how he has such a good memory.  He smiles and says “You were memorable.”  I sputter a bit and ask “Is that a good memorable? or a b-bad memorable?”  He just smiles and starts asking the hard questions as to whether I am planning to move here or already living here.  Did I mention that Mary was by my side?  I’m starting to think that he knows everything!   He kindly directs me to the hall where I can sign up to be a parishioner.   We don’t talk about new stained glass at all.

As I walked away, all I could think was, “well shit”.