Today Mary and I rolled the double track in the area of Lost Valley trail.  I felt like there was a powerful reunion of an old friend.  The woods there are a perfection of tall trees spaced far apart with complete openness under their large canopies.  Fall is just starting to become apparent as the smooth floor is covered by the first of the colorful leaves to float down.  

I want to run fast through them!     I want to navigate my way, envisioning how the land  correlates to the contours lines on the map that I am reading.  Doing and practicing something that you enjoy for over thirty years makes changes in your brain that others might not appreciate.  I am sure that other people have their own honed skills and happy places that I don’t appreciate.

They called to me, but I can’t answer them.
Is this healthy for me,,,  I don’t know,  but I was glad to see them anyway.