I believe that history has shown us that the most natural state of human leadership is to have kings, chiefs, strongmen and dictators.  The United States government was something of an experiment at the time. The founders must have known that they were making something complex and ripe for gridlock and compromise.  They also knew that they were fleeing the long human history of leaders who use the power that they have attained to attack all political threats to their power, in every way they can, with the overriding goal of keeping themselves in power or gaining more.

The institutions of government have been put under a lot of stress lately with tribal warfare attempting to replace the rule of law and long tested procedure with might is right, just like the old days.   These institutions, norms, procedures and the rule of law are what separates us from the banana republics of Hugo Chavez and the like, who use populism and patriotism as weapons for personal benefit.  Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un would all be extremely frustrated if they were hemmed in by all the roadblocks and constraints of power that our government has.  They would be frustrated, but their populations, on average, would be much better off.

Recently, we have been learning a lot about the minute details of how the different agencies of our government work.  Unfortunately though, we have been learning about these systems in much the same way that our giant particle colliders learn about how protons and neutrons work.  Particle colliders do their job by accelerating the protons to extremely high velocities and smashing them together in violent collisions. We can then learn a lot about how these items work by observing the broken pieces that fly out.

Even though it is fascinating and we learn a lot, let’s keep in mind that when you smash things together and observe the aftermath, the item that you are studying often gets damaged.  We will never run out of protons.