I can see how negative feelings can snowball, or perhaps ‘tipping point’ might be the popular phrase these days.  If you spend a little too much time alone or get on the track of feeling sorry for yourself and left out of life, you can easily stagnate and create a little cloud around yourself that you just sit in.  I suppose that it is similar to depression. Now that you are sitting in this little self made cloud, you don’t feel like taking the effort to be around people, or getting back into your routine. When in this cloud, it seems as if you can’t see out of it, so you sit in it some more while the cloud gets a little thicker, which invites more and new negative feelings.  It takes your people and getting reinvested in your life to blow this cloud away.

Luckily, I have these people, which makes it easier to get reinvested.  How do people who don’t cope?  I can see how it could continue to snowball.   My only advice is to put yourself out there, be accepting of others, have no ‘sacred cows’.

On the upside, you can’t have true happiness without a little misery.  What a beautiful clear day.