If you want to be happy, don’t count your blessings.  I’ve heard that from a respected psychologist on NPR a long time ago (I can’t remember who).  My interpretation of this is that if you regularly count your blessings, that re-enforces a new norm in your brain.  Humans are so good at adapting to whatever “norm” that they get used to. Now, with all that counting, you come to expect all those “blessings” you have grown accustomed to and you can become unhappy when they aren’t always there.

I feel like there is a difference between counting your blessings and simply being content.  Simply being content with what I have and I am doing has, on every occasion that I can think of, been the times that I truly feel happy.  Trouble is, I am not sure how to define, or more importantly, influence, being content. Always open for suggestions.