You might have noticed that I write a lot of things about my observation and opinion of the human brain.  I’m for them.   Just about everybody on the the planet has one that is remarkably similar to the next, and filled with the same desires, motivations and loves.  What made me think of this was my observation of how adaptable it is in so many ways. Actually, the brains of most other animals are adaptable too, but this is our story, let those other species write their own story.

After a lifetime of driving cars in the ordinary way, it amazes me that even in a split second, emergency situation, it doesn’t even cross my mind to put my foot on the brake.  The hand controls seem permanently wired, as if it had been forever. I spent many years racing motorcycles with the throttle on the right hand, but my electric trike with the throttle on the left felt completely natural by the first day.

Adapting to my changing life has not exactly been a pleasant thing, but it feels more natural than I would have guessed that something like this would be, had you asked me a couple of years ago.  There are mental challenges, however, of which the solutions are not clear to me.

The thought that might be relevant to others goes like this:  Before you get too worried that something might not go right, realize that you will adapt in some way, no matter how it goes, and the change will probably not be as bad, in the long run, as you might have envisioned.  Old priorities may have to be left behind, and it always takes a little time to find that the new, replacement priorities, can be interesting in their own way.   I seriously wish that I could have understood this many years ago.