The other day, I received a curious letter in the mail.  The return address on the top of the envelope was also my address, repeated from below.  The signature inside read “no signature, for all the Glory goes to God”.  I felt the need for anonymity was strange.

The letter had a lot to unpack.  It started with “I feel compelled to let you know that there is a very real hope of complete healing for you.”  It continued with “Hope of returning to your past active life and hope in every single Word of our everlasting God”.  

Now, I always try to appreciate people for attempting to be helpful, but my question is ‘Does this help?’  Perhaps there are some who live a better life thinking that they will jump up out of their wheelchair with better faith, but I’m not sure that I know any of these people.

The only part that made me pause was the part that said that thousands of believers were praying for my cure.  “Undaunted by the mocking of faith, and hopelessness embedded in your blogs, the prayers continue to spread for you, all blessed in the Truth, Power, and Will of our Living God.”

It gave me pause because it was never my intention to mock faith.  I hadn’t felt that I had. I don’t think that hopelessness is an underlying theme either.   A good part of my writing is about the exploration of life, why we are who we are, and of how one copes with difficulties, something that I am learning as I go.  I actually feel rather positive a fair bit of the time.

I was given an example of a lengthy prayer for me to recite.  “Father, you know I am an unbeliever.  You know that I am facing a serious illness…..”  “I am scared. I need a miracle…..” “Jesus Christ who died for me……”  “I surrender everything. I accept Your Perfect Will…. “   Something to contemplate is; trying to believe something that you don’t, out of desperation, fear, guilt or obedience, is not pleasant, easy or helpful.

People come to an understanding of the way the universe works around them.  We come from different places. We all must accept that there are limits to our knowledge.  Chipping away at the edges of ignorance is a form of learning and inquisitiveness. A willingness to accept tweaks in one’s understanding shows a desire to get it right, and is an antidote to entrenched behavior.

I have never felt that being offended, about anything, is good for much.  It is similar to using cuss words. Both serve as a substitute for content, an easy thing to fall back on when you can’t do better.  Mainly, it is important to realize that differing ways of thinking is inevitable, rich and a wonderful thing. People have a need to entertain strategies and ideas that fit with their understanding of the world.       PS, I actually enjoy going to church on most Sundays, mostly to enjoy community, my past and a richness of ideas.