A combination of two things is presenting a challenge.  

Through all of this, a very helpful coping strategy has been engrossing oneself in the task of clever strategies to continuing doing what you want to do, being a regular and resourceful person.  These strategies are better when they are your own. More personal, more satisfying and truly better.

Challenge one:  My arms and core are getting weak to a point where it is difficult to do much for myself.  Clever strategies are not so appealing when you run out of them. I rely on Mary for most everything now.  What a wonderful person.

Challenge two:  An introduction to medical problems.  Outside of ALS, I have been a model of health.  It’s funny how that sticks in your head, even when sitting in an electric wheelchair.  Yesterday, I spent the day in the ER with a swollen leg and a fever due to a large blood clot.  This was surely due to my lack of movement. A life built around medical intervention, and waiting for others to do things for you, is not a life that I find appealing.  When being discharged, the nurse told me “no sitting for extended periods of time”. Hmmm.